Hi friend! Thanks for stopping by; I’m Leah, and this is a bit of who I am. I love Jesus. I truly believe that my sole purpose in life is to glorify him by serving him and others, and I strive to do that with photography. I’m an ENFP, although I feel like an introvert about 75% of the time. Love is one of my favorite things. Not the emotional, butterflies-in-the-stomach, flowers and chocolates sort of love (although that’s pretty amaze too), but the unconditional love that sees the other person’s faults and chooses to love them in spite of that. I flipping LOVE rain. Like, it might be a problem. Driving through cute old neighborhoods is, in my book, one of the best ways to spend an hour. Or an afternoon. Coffee is hands down my favorite beverage. Sometimes I drink more of it than I do of water. My friends call me a plant mom, and I’ll gladly claim the name. My room is full of the cutest plants, and I add to the collection regularly.


Hi, I'm Leah,

and this is my heart.

Your wedding day is not about me. It’s not about getting great photos (even though you sure as heck will), or about getting that one shot that will make my business explode.

Your wedding day is about YOU. Your love. Your friendships. The way your sister looks at you when she gives you the speech she wrote before your husband (!!!) was even in the picture. The tears in his eyes as you walk down the isle. The way you dance clumsily (or not!) with your besties after you’ve committed yourselves to each other forever.

Listen, I’m human. I want to make my photography look as good as possible. But I don’t believe that it’s done by taking over YOUR wedding day. I’m there to give you the wedding of your dreams. Only want 30 minutes of photos so you can go celebrate with your friends? That’s cool. Have 5 hours scheduled because these are the photos you’ll be looking at for the rest of your lives and you want tons of them? Let’s do it! First looks aren’t your thing but all photographers are telling you to do them? GIRL THIS IS YOUR DAY. The lighting is better later on anyways. Want that special 30 minutes of quiet alone with your lova? Yaaaassss!!! AND we’ll get some of the best dang photos you’ve ever seen.

My hope is that by listening to your heart for your day + serving you as much as it’s in my power to do so, I’ll be able to deliver to you the exactly the wedding day you desire.

Don’t just take my word for it!

“I so appreciated how careful you were to capture all the sweet memories without having to be in the middle of them. You truly let our wedding day be ours, and you captured SO MANY beautiful pictures that really told the story of that day."


your love + your life, whatever that looks like.

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If you're considering reaching out, please don't hesitate! I'm probably just sitting at home drinking coffee + watching friends anyways bc #selfemployed (jk but ya know). I'd love to hear from you!


As a couple’s photographer, I walk away the most fulfilled from a shoot when I’ve been able to capture YOUR love. Not a form of love that I think looks good on Instagram, or will attract more potential clients. My favorite images aren’t the ones with the best lighting or the trendiest couple. They’re the ones of the groom trying not to cry as he sees his lovely bride walk towards him down the aisle. They’re the ones of the couple dancing in the back of their truck under the moon, where I’m far enough away for him to whisper something in her ear that only she can hear. They’re the ones of newlyweds embracing their closest friends and family for the first time as a married couple. My job as an artist is to give you the freedom to be yourself, and capture it in an artistic manner.